Special thanks to As December Falls for usage of their music at Rebelution Live Events!

Come out and hear this amazing hard hitting band during our live shows! Check them out on Spotify and YouTube music, and on thier website below and show support to this amazing talent!

“If you’re in the market for contagious, air-punching rock fueled by glittering riffs and heavenly vocals, As December Falls are the ones for you.” – ALT PRESS

“Driven by powerhouse vocals… they would be right at home on the stages of Warped Tour.” -ROCK SOUND

“A loud band with a big future.” – KERRANG!

As December Falls Website

Welcome Emma to the Rebelution!

Emma is a Personal Trainer and Two Brain Business Certified Coach who offers in person and virtual Personal Training! Coach Emma is excited to meet you, learn about your goals, needs and wants in your program and give you the tools to help you achieve them all and more! Coach Emma specializes in mindset, and fitness programs suited to each individual designed to get you where you want. Email her today at [email protected] to learn more and to book your Free No Sweat Intro!

Check out their website!

Bianca Carelli partners with PowerON Canada

 biancaasophiaa BIG NEWS!!!!!🤩🤩🤩 I have teamed up with PowerON @poweron.canada to help launch a brand new workout supplement that is good for EVERYONE. It is all natural and sweetened with stevia for a soft, fresh and enjoyable taste with no artificial sweeteners! You simply add PowerON to your water to reap the numerous health benefits and experience increased energy and endurance throughout you day or your workouts. PowerON contains: Calcium, Panax Ginseng, Beet Root, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Niacinamide (B3), Zinc, Copper, Chromium, Selenium, Potassium, Phosphate, and Hawthorne Flower which are ALL nutrients and herbs essential to human functioning. Many people are deficient in these nutrients, and experience low energy because of this deficiency. As a result, PowerON can be a powerful way to reclaim your health and energy! 🌸 Benefits: -Panax ginseng is an herbal medicine for stress resistance and increase in energy -PowerON is an electrolyte!! -supplement helps in maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth and gums & helps to maintain healthy hair, nails AND skin! -is an antioxidant and reduces oxidative damage in the body, improving immune function, thyroid action, and iron transport! -assists the body in properly metabolizing nutrients and assisting red blood cell formation, collagen formation, and normal growth and development! (Way more benefits but this post is getting long!) There you have it! 🤗 I personally took all these supplements individually before, (Panax Ginseng works wonders!!!) and always had to take so many vitamins at once... this drink has it ALL wound up into one easy step! I’m so happy to be able to present this amazing workout booster and excited for you all to try it! PLUS it is certified vegan, kosher and halal so nobody is excluded from receiving its strong benefits!!!